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Mechwarrior Online

The Basics Game Name – Mechwarrior Online ESRB Rating – N/A Genre – Vehicular Combat, Action Educational Values – Teamwork, Strategy, Leadership, Tactics, Analysis Platforms – PC Where to buy – Download it for Free here When should you buy it? – When you are looking to pilot a 50 ton avatar of destruction

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What is immersion? One of the goals of most games is to get a gamer “immersed” in the experience. There are different types of immersion or “presence” , but in general it is an experience where a player’s entire focus is wrapped

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Tiny Thief

The Basics Game Name – Tiny Thief ESRB Rating – N/A Genre – Stealth Adventure Educational Values – Patience, Visual Discrimination, Problem Solving Platforms – IOS, Android Where to buy – Itunes and Google Play When should you buy it? –  If you enjoyed Angry Birds but are looking for something a little

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Why So Many Puzzle Games?

Anyone who has read this blog for more than 15 minutes knows that we love Puzzle Games. We love other games as well, but when you are looking for games that educate, Puzzle Games are a great place to start.

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Sanctum 2

The Basics Game Name – Sanctum 2 ESRB Rating – N/A Genre – SciFi First Person Shooter/ Tower Defense Educational Values – Teamwork, Planning, Strategy and Tactics Platforms – Windows Where to buy – Steam, Gamersgate, Greenman Gaming, From their Site. When should you buy it? –  You can’t decide between playing a

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Free to Play

What is it? Free to play is a relatively new concept in gaming. Thanks to the growth of digital distribution (which has helped bolster the Indie Scene) developers are able to maintain an ongoing relationship with gamers. This allows them

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The Basics Game Name – Magicka ESRB Rating – N/A Genre – Action-Adventure Educational Values – Teamwork, Synthesis, Analysis Platforms – Windows Where to buy – Steam When should you buy it? –  If you are looking for a game that is fun, clever, and a unique experience. About the Game Built by

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