Outside of the Comfort Zone

When I started writing this blog, it was simple to come up with games to review. I just looked at the games I already owned and had already played. After a couple of weeks of writing and going through the games I thought were appropriate (and fun) enough for this site I started to run low. I started looking at games for more than just being, ‘cool’ or ‘fun’. I started looking at games to see if they could teach me something.

That shift in thinking changed the games I played. It made me look into games and genres that I would have skipped in the past. It led me to play games that I may have otherwise ignored, or had never heard of, or haven’t played in ages. In some cases, it kept me playing games I would have given up on quickly for an extra couple of hours that led me to really enjoying them. The experience broadened my gaming horizons.

I have some reviews that will be coming out in the next couple of weeks for games I would not have looked at had I not been writing this blog. Games that drew me in. Games that made me think. Games that blew me away. Games that I hope you will enjoy.

So if you see a game on this blog (or heck, anywhere) that you may not have heard of, in a genre that you may not typically play, try it out! Take a chance. Break out of your comfort zone and expand your mind. There are some games out there that are created with so much love and dedication and creativity that will astound you.

And hopefully teach you something while you play them.

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