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Game Mods

One of the advantages of playing a PC game is the ability for developers to update, patch and mod their games easily. PC tools and the open nature of the platform also allow games to be ‘modded’ or modified heavily by

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The Basics Game Name – Stronghold ESRB Rating – N/A Genre –Real Time Castle Simulation Educational Values – Sequencing, Strategic thinking, Patience, Resource Management, Planning Backwards, Analysis Platforms – Windows, Mac OSX Where to buy – Good old Games, or

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Co-op Games

Historically, my favorite games have all had a cooperative (co-op) element. In co-op mode, players have a shared objective that they work to achieve together. As opposed to a competitive element  where one player will win and one must lose. The shared

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FTL: Faster Than Light

The Basics Game Name – FTL: Faster Than Light ESRB Rating – N/A Genre – Strategy Simulation Educational Values – Strategic thinking, Patience, Persistence, Resource Management, Building Character Platforms – Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux Where to buy – Amazon,

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Outside of the Comfort Zone

When I started writing this blog, it was simple to come up with games to review. I just looked at the games I already owned and had already played. After a couple of weeks of writing and going through the

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Dungeon Defenders

The Basics Game Name – Dungeon Defenders ESRB Rating – N/A Genre – Tower Defense and Action Role Playing Educational Values – Problem Solving, Long term thinking, Team Building, Strategic Thinking Platforms – Windows, Steam, Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network,

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Gaming to Heal

I strained my Achilles very badly last year requiring months in an aircast and the more months of Physical Therapy. As anyone who has gone through PT can attest, the exercises can be tiring and painful, but even worse, they can be boring. To

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